Preobrazhenskaya Church

Cherdyn, Churches

It is built in 1756 on the place of the wooden church of the same name burned down in a fire in 1747. Lower altar, the winter one, is consecrated in the name of Kazan icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary, upper, the summer one, – in the name of Transfiguration. The church was serioously damaged during a fire in 1792 and in 1853 the bell tower was rebuilt: four small cupolas were added to the one, previously existing, dome.

In 1875, the church was surrounded by a stone febce with metal grids. The merchant and church warden E.S. Merkuryev took care of this. The other merchant – I.V. Yurganov – in 1887 donated 6 thousand rubles for making the iconostasis and wall paintings. The paintings in the church were performed by the Permian artist Mamayev.

The church was closed in the 1930s. Later, the building was transferred to Cherdynsky Forest Technical School and then – to Cherdynsky Industrial School for the establishment of workshops.

Address: Cherdyn, Mamina Sibiryaka street, 49

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