Petropavlovsky Cathedral

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Date of construction is 1757-1764. A rare monument of Russian provincial Baroque, the first stone building of the city. It was rebuilt several times. In XX century the belfry which represented a multi-tiered composition created under the principle of “octagon on the quadrangle” was demolished.

The temple part is covered by quadrangular dome; the heads in the form of octagonal towers covered with small domes (Russian five dome structure) are located in the center and corners. The brick was used for the cathedral construction; the walls in order to ensure the preservaiton were covered with sheet iron in XIX century.

Opposite to five-sided apse the walls of the chapel with tent completion are preserved. The first main square of the city – Petropavlovskaya Square – was located around the catherdarl. Here in 1781 the center of Perm governorship and renaming of Egoshikhinsk plant to the city of Perm was conducted.

In Soviet times the church was closed. The icons and wooden sculptures were transferred to Perm Art Gallery. The building was used for different household needs (workshops, hostel, office gasoline locomotive repair factory, and gymnasium).

In 1973 a partial reconstruction was performed: the roof of the temple and the head of the altar are restored. In 1991, the church was transferred to Perm episcopate. The restoration work was carried out.

Today it is a functioning temple. The main altar is consecrated in the name of Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, altar of winter temple in the name of St. Catherine and St. Eustathius Plakida. A beautiful five-level iconostasis made in 1994-95 in the traditions of the XIV century is located in the summer part of the cathedral. A special place is occupied by the icon of Holy Martyr Andronik – Perm bishop martyred in June 1918.

Address: Perm, Sovetskaya, 1

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