Nikolskaya Church

Cherdyn, Churches

The best example of Baroque architecture at the Ural. It is built in 1705. It is located on a hill in the center of Nyrob, near the winter Bogoyavlenskaya Church. The temple complex included a bell tower dismantled in 1934.

Nikolskaya Church is a five-domed temple without pillars. The traditional layout and design: the refectory, main temple and altar apse on one axis (“ship” layout). The monumental cube in the center is topped by five domes; the five-sided apse joins from the east.

The entire building is decorated with stone carvings: window trimmers with fancy curls, rich multi-row eaves with decorative brackets – modillions, lacy semicircles of arched gables decorate the facades of quadrangular with two tiers of windows. The corners are marked by the single and double three-quarter columns. The octagonal niches with painting are located on the wall planes free from “patternwork”. The drums of five domes are marked with rich arcature. The central drum is luminous.

Inside, the fragments of paintings have been preserved. The figure of St. Christopher with a dog head looks fantastic. Christopher was the patron of hunters. The storey tells that the church was built by the Swedish prisoners. But each time, the items built during day “went underground”. And only when the church was completely ready, it suddenly came out of the ground and appeared before the astonished residents.

Perhaps the folk story has a historical basis - a church could be built through the backfilling of embankments for the performance of construction work. The frescoes performed by M. Kazarinov in the 1720s are preserved in the church interior. The church is an architectural monument and is protected by UNESCO.

Address: Cherdyn, Nyrob, Oktyabrskaya street, 11

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