Catholic Church

Perm, Churches

Roman-Catholic building for Immaculate Conception of Blessed Maiden Maria was built in 1873-1875 on the project of architecture R.O. Karvovsky. Most of Catholics have appeared in Perm after uprisings in Poland’s Kingdom on the 30s, 40s, and 60s of the 19th century. A lot of Poles were deported to Perm in 1863-64s.

The first priest urged to collect funds for store temple’s building. Bishop Raphael Borovsky, who was in exile in Perm, has made a substantional contribution to the building’s construction. The main parishioners of this church were Poles, Hungarians, and Germans. Among them, there were engineers, artists, who left their mark in the city development. In Soviet times church building was occupied by All-Russians Deaf Society. Nowadays it is a functioning church.

Address: Perm, str. Pushkina 28

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