Mansion of Merchant G.K. Kuznetsov

Kungur, Architecture

The monument of urban planning and architecture of regional importance. The building was built for the famous Kungur merchant of the first guild, honorary citizen of Kungur, social activist and philanthropist G.K. Kuznetsov under the project of Perm architect N.N. Chernitski in 1863-1870.

In pre-revolutionary Kungur this mansion was the most expensive private house of the city. The people called the building as “Kuznetsovsky palace”. Here, in 1873, a ceremonial dinner in honor of Grand Duke Aleksey Aleksandrovich who visited Kungur during the world tour was conducted. Nowadays, the municipal institution of civil defense, urban management administration, the Federal Security Service and other institutions are located in the building.

Address: Kungur, Karla Marksa, 27

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