House of Waywode

Solikamsk, Architecture

The Governor’s House was built in 1688. It is both a historical and an architectural monument. Stone house was built on the site of wooden house, burnt down under the governor Ivan Golovin. The building served as the accommodation of the governor, an administrative centre and a fortified point. Therefore, narrow slits-loopholes and interwall passages are arranged in two-meter thick walls.

According to the legend, the house communicated with the surroundings by underground passages, that were buried under the later owner Maxim Surovtsev. Many courtiers ruled Solikamsk and the land on behalf of the Russian Tsar in the period from 1688 to 1780 in the house-fortress. Outside of the building, the window frames, the door portals are richly decorated with stone carving, feather-edged brick masonry.

Nowadays the historical department of  Solikamsk Local History Museum is located in the building.

Address: Solikamsk, str. Naberezhnaya 84

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