Kungur, Architecture

Gostiny Dvor was built in 1865 – 1876 under the project of a Perm architect R.I. Karvovsky. At that time, Kungur was already known for its tea merchants. They were A.S. Gubkin, M.I. Gribushin and others. "Upper Trading Rows", officially called Gostiny Dvor, were erected in the city centre on Cathedral Square. The shops of Gostiny Dvor continue to serve the people in the XXI century, being the beautiful monument of the merchant past of Kungur.

The cult feature films such as "Privalov's Millions", "Shadows Disappear at Noon", "The Tavern on Pyatnitskaya Street" and others were made in the galleries of Gostiny Dvor.

Address: Kungur, Cathedral Square, 1

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