Festival "Savior of the Apple Feast Day"

19 August 2019

A folk holiday

The Apple Feast of the Saviour is an Eastern Slavic folk name for the Feast of the Transfiguration, which is observed on August 19. It is the second of the three Feasts of the Saviour. The others are the Honey Feast of the Saviour, which is celebrated on August 14 (or August 1, Julian Calendar) and the Nut Feast of the Saviour, which is celebrated on August 29 (or August 16, Julian Calendar). There are processions and blessings of harvests.

In the programme of activities

  • A concert of Russian folk music
  • Tasting of apples
  • Russian folk games and enjoyment

How to get to "Khokhlovka"?

By bus №340 from the Central Bus Station, 68 Revolution st.

  • Time of departure from Perm: 7.35, 9.55, 11.05, 11.30, 14.05, 16.00, 18.05
  • Time of departure from Khokhlovka: 8.01, 10.21, 12.01, 15.01, 16.01, 17.31, 17.56, 19.31, 19.51

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