• Visa support to foreign tourists
• The reception of foreign tourists
• Sightseeing tour around the city Perm
• A visit to the Perm art gallery and Regional Museum.
• Sightseeing tours across the Perm Region: Solikamsk, Usolie, Khokhlovka, Belogorye, Kungur.
• Kungur ice cave, "Perm-36"
• River cruises on the waters of the Kama reservoir
• Rest and treatment in the Perm Region: "Demidkovo", "Springs", "Ust-Kachka" and others.
• Excursion tours to Holy places of the Perm Region and the Urals
• Horse riding, ski resorts, rafting, fishing, recreation
• Organization of individual tours according to the requests
•The organization of seminars, presentations, business meetings

Address: Perm, 14, 380 Ordzhonikidze Street,
Address: Solikamsk, 14 Radishcheva Street.
Phone: + 7 (342) 220-87-33, + 7 908 271-17-69

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ВизитПермь Контакты:
Адрес: ул. Ленина, 39 614000 Пермь,
Телефон:+7 (342) 214 10 80, Электронная почта: info@visitperm.ru