Venison stroganina

One of the traditional dishes of northern kitchen is a so-called stroganina. It is quite capable of decorating any table and pleasing even the most exacting gourmet. Traditional cuisine suggests "to slice" fish mostly, but today we will present the other option which can quite be considered as the Perm — it is a venison stroganina.


In the north regions of Perm deer were typical for a long time, therefore for the local people this meat is not exotic. Though, we will remind that hunting for a deer in the territory of Prikamye is forbidden now. It is simpler "to catch" a venison in butcher shop.

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To prepare a venison Stroganina you will need: a fresh-frozen venison, black tost bread — 1 piece, cheese Parmesan, lettuce leaves, a balsam vinegar, an olive oil, pepper, salt (sea, also usual), 1 lemon, herbs, radish and arugula sauces.

  1. Cook croutons. "Dry" bread in a toaster on a small fire, or it simply should lie a couple of hours in the open air. Cut out small soft croutons from the dried bread.
  2. Prepare "base" for a dish. Sprinkle an olive oil, lemon juice, balsam vinegar, on the plate, add pepper and salt.
  3. Prepare stroganin. 
  4. Cut the piece of well frozen meat on thin slices — no more than 1-2 mm thick.
  5. Serve on a prepared plate.
  6. Decorate with croutons, lettuce leaves, strew with parmesan.
  7. For a sauce preparation (in which the turned-out meat slices are supposed to be dipped) you need to mix arugula, a radish, an olive oil, a lemon juice and to whip it with a blender.

In total the preparation time of a dish will make only 15-20 minutes.

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