Sterlet with a tartare sauce

The tasty dish from a sterlet can decorate any, even the most holiday table. It is possible to buy this tasty fish in a shop or market, the main thing is that it will be fresh — it means not frozen, but simply cooled.

To prepare this dish, you will need: a sterlet (one average fish will be enough), vegetables for a garnish (zucchini, tomatoes, fresh lettuce leaves), some shrimps, champignons, a little of black caviar.
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For the dish preparation (without time for a fish cutting) only about 15 minutes are required.

Grease a frying pan with butter and salt. Cut circles of zucchini, tomatoes and champignons. Put out on a frying pan in the circle form.

Cut the sterlet in cubes, add salt and pepper, pour over some cream (cream of 23-35% is the best).

Switch an oven on 170 degrees. Put a round mold in the center formed by the vegetables which are put out on a frying pan.

Put out the starlet, which is poured over with cream there. Make it even.

Strew fish and vegetables with grated cheese (parmesan will be approached). Put it in an oven for 10-15 minutes.

While the dish is preparing, stew some shrimps on a frying pan. Prepare leaves of a green lettuce. After the fish is ready, decorate a dish with fresh herbs, shrimps and black caviar. Serve it on a frying pan.

The dish is especially delicious with tartare sauce which preparation requires radish, tomatoes, pepper, onions, fennel, lemon juice, little vegetable oil (olive is better), mint leaflets, a thyme, a boiled egg yolk. Cut vegetables on small pieces (rind tomatoes previously), mix with salt and pepper, gradually adding oil. In summary add chopped herbs.
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